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March 9, 2020by normladmin0

As the race for America’s next president kicks into high gear we at Myrtle Beach NORML felt it is our duty to educate people about which candidate is best for us when it comes to Marijuana law reform.

South Carolina would benefit tremendously from the legalization of Marijuana. Therefor Marijuana law reform should be at the top of the list when it comes to selecting candidates in 2020. After holding it’s first Democratic Primary South Carolina looks to have reduced the field of candidates down to two favorites former Vice President Joe Biden, and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Of the two leading candidates for the Democratic party Bernie Sanders looks to be the one most serious about Marijuana law reform. Throughout Joe Biden’s political career he hasn’t supported Marijuana legalization. In fact, Mr. Biden led the charge to ramp up the war on drugs during his stint as senator of Delaware.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand has focused on Marijuana reform. His list of key points are less modest than what Joe Biden is offering to the American people.

Bernie Sanders plans to:

  • Legalize marijuana in the first 100 days with executive action
  • Vacate and expunge all past marijuana-related convictions
  • Ensure that revenue from legal marijuana is reinvested in communities hit hardest by the War on Drugs
  • Ensure legalized marijuana does not turn into big tobacco

Colorado and all the other states that have followed the trend are cashing in on millions of dollars in brand new revenue from businesses that were created, people who flocked to visit the legal states, and of course taxes that were generated from sales.

With African Americans being one of the most victimized by this war on drugs, the African Americans in South Carolina need to be in support of Bernie Sanders. South Carolina, which has the highest proportion of African American voters among the four early voting states, is seen as a strong indicator of how well the candidates are performing with the key Democratic constituency. Fifty-four pledged delegates are at stake.

BTW, South Carolina Republicans canceled their primary this year.

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