NORML of Myrtle Beach Chapter Update

June 3, 2020by normladmin0

Greetings, First of all I wanna send a heart of love out to America right now. In the midst of all which has occurred to this point June 2020, I feel the need to just simply send love to everyone.

I am affectionately know simply as “Stewart” and I am the director of the Myrtle Beach chapter of NORML. I begin this mission in 2019 and It’s been a very raggy road to this point for everyone for on our team. With death claiming the lives of family members, financial issues due to unemployment, and Covid-19 we’ve lost our Communications Director, and our Secretary. Our prayers go out them and all once again during these serious times.

For those of us that are still here left to make a positive change in our communities we can only begin the battle forward from here. That brings me to this announcement for everyone who would like to join the fight to end Marijuana prohibition here in the state of South Carolina. If you interested in becoming our next Communications Director, or Secretary please send us an email at:

Our Next Chapter Meeting will be held (via)Zoom on June 15th, 2020 at 8:30pm. For details visit

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